Our Services

Support-Setup services offer both voice and non-voice based services in a multitude of languages. A great customer experience is essential in any business model and how you interact with each one determines many future outcomes. Choosing our services will provide a wide range of leading omni channel solutions to improve overall experiences and avoid disconnects with the customer.

Support-Setup provides inbound, outbound, email, chat and blended solutions to our clients. We also provide technical support and 24×7 help desk services. Our call centre services will keep your business connected with your existing customers and attract new ones. Having satisfied customers will in turn bring new eager customers, however, it can also go the adverse way if the customer is not serviced well. Call us today to see how we can save your business money while improving the overall customer experience.


Customer Service
Support-Setup prides itself on providing industry leading customer service skills and experiences. Customer service is the back bone of any business. Resolving customers’ concerns effectively and in a timely manner are vital for any business. A satisfied customer will normally make repeat purchases and bring in more customers. A new customer acquisition can only be made possible if the proper customer service is provided. An effective customer support function will strengthen the client to customer relationship and provide a positive brand outlook. Support-Setup will ensure any interactions with customers will be pleasant and end in resolution. This may also allow for opportunity to up sell or cross sell additional products and/or services. We’ll treat each of your customers with the frictionless and personalized care they deserve. Support-Setup BPO started as a customer service provider, we simply understand expectations and can deliver results in a variety of languages and time zones.
Our unique approach begins with understanding the core needs of your business and customer services requirements. We will then search and select the right people to handle those specific needs under constant supervision of field experts. Our team experts have developed special training programs to effectively provide the best customer service available anywhere. We understand the challenges of managing your business and though the customer service experience we can guide you towards progress. Support-Setup is equipped to manage any problems your customers may encounter as well as provide future solutions. Choosing our services can be the difference between losing and retaining a customer. We will consistently update and communicate feedback with your business to continually improve overall customer service experiences. Call us today to see how you can benefit from our services while saving your business money.


Inbound/Outbound Sales
Support-Setup will turn any of your inbound or outbound projects into a success with our decades of sales experience. Inbound sales refer to situations in which a customer contacts an organization to inquire about their products or services. Outbound sales refer to situations in which an organization reaches out to customers to sell their products or services. Inbound sales are increasing becoming a more preferred method than traditional outbound sales. Inbound sales typically have a higher cost of acquisition and therefore requires specialized training to convert customers efficiently. Support-Setup offers these services to the highest of standards with exclusively trained teams. Our sales experts will quickly identify a customers wants and match them with the products or services offered that benefits both parties.

Support-Setup has proven sales approaches that will result in higher sales conversion rates for your business. The reason we can attain this is in part due to our pool of industry experts with decades of sales experience. The difference when choosing our services over others lies within the understanding and dedication we have towards your business goals. Dedicated sales experts will become thoroughly acquainted with your products/services and equally enthusiastic to sell them. Our services can be catered for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) models. Let us prove results with your business, call us to discuss how we can increase your sales today!


Email and Chat Support
Support-Setup understands it is crucial to provide customers the liberty to communicate with your business through the channel most convenient for them. Apart from phone calls, web based services like email and chat support are increasing more popular due to convenience. Prompt, helpful and professional email and chat support is invaluable. Our skilled representatives offer support to customers through email and chat services with high proficiency. With the high amount of web based communication received daily, responding to each one becomes a tedious and time consuming process. Support-Setup services allow your business to remain connected to your customers through email and chat at a fraction of your cost.

When we provide web based communication on behalf of your business, we focus on delivering a caliber of support that maintains the highest standards and follows specific protocol. With our trained representatives, you can be assured your customers are receiving the exact message you want to convey. Support-Setup services are committed to deliver top level customer satisfaction through email and chat support. Our services can also be offered 24X7 in a variety of languages. Stop loosing valuable customers through un-attended emails and chat queues, response time is imperative with web based communication.

Qualities of Email and Chat support

  • Quick response
  • Easy to understand language
  • Professional
  • Error Free
  • Proactive

Live Chat Features

  • Each desk can handle up to 3 concurrent chats
  • Exclusive desk for each client.
  • Group chat options
  • Canned messages for faster chats
  • Chat forwarding / escalation
  • Reports on daily chats
  • Monthly consolidated reports


Technical Support
Support-Setup provides technical support services ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Our tech experts are certified and specialised in a wide range of softwares and systems. Resolution rates and service times are amongst the best in the industry. For companies that rely on technical support, we understand that after sale service is just as important as the sale itself. If a customer does not receive proper technical support from a purchased product or service, the likelihood of a return or chargeback increases dramatically. It has now become inevitable to sell software, digital or electronic products without assured technical support included. Support-Setup provides the professional technical support services that will make all the difference in retaining your customers.

Dealing with technical support can sometimes be a less than enjoyable experience for your customers. Our comprehensive technical support solutions aim to provide positive customer experiences, across the technology ownership lifecycle. Whether its pre-sales, post-sales or in- or out-of-warranty support, our product experts possess the training, tools and expertise to solve technical issues in a painless way.

Some of our support services offered to our clients:

  • L1 – L5 Technical support services for software, hardware and products.
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Configuration and new set-ups
  • Technical trouble ticket management
  • Add On sales and support
  • Up Selling and Cross Selling

Setup-Support Advantages:

  • Uninterrupted 24×7 support
  • Unique methodology to execute projects
  • Train the Trainer model
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Scalability in short time
  • Highly talented work force


Lead Generation and Up Selling
Support-Setup has access to experts who can proactively identify new customers and provide effective up selling services. Our marketing specialists monitor and analyse customer databases to identify buying patterns before implementing a suitable cross and up selling strategy. Our focus is to keep your existing customers informed, provide them with additional or alternative options and offer them enhanced value. We guarantee any product add-ons or upgrades are accurately communicated to your clients by well-trained and experienced representatives.

Support-Setup lead generation services will help your business identify and reach a wider market share. Our services are designed to work for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) models. We utilise several proven methods to achieve this including telephone and email prospecting, surveys, lead mining and scrubbing, and a host of other integrated marketing solutions. Using various digital marketing solutions, we can also target specific audiences for your business through pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). All campaigns are 100% transparent and measurable; ensuring that you can track your cost of acquisition to remain cost effective and decide what works best for your business.


Order Taking and Appointment Setting
In any organization across all industries, taking orders effectively is an important part of the business process. Order taking is a process of recording data accurately, securing the recorded data and delivering it to the proper and intended parties. Support-Setup will make sure orders are taken verbatim and seamlessly integrated into your databases. Reduce infrastructure costs for your business by relegating the order taking process to us. We have a network of trained and experienced order takers who can handle your customers in a professional manner. We are available to take orders for your business 24X7 through telephone and various online platforms. No matter how simple or complicated the process is, we have cost efficient solutions that will be sure to help out your business.

Support-Setup offers appointment setting services for small to large scale companies. Running a successful business is directly correlated to how you maintain and manage relationships with customers and associates. Proper appointment setting is therefore crucial to ensure customers and associates of the business feel engaged and their needs attended to. Improper scheduling can have a lasting negative impact on a business and affect user satisfaction ratings. Support-Setup BPO services go way beyond basic appointment setting; our network will actively confirm and update all necessary parties in real time with regards to scheduling modifications. Avoid cancellation and rescheduling inconveniences by using our network of trained specialists and automated services. Our advanced infrastructure will automatically detect anomalies with scheduling and quickly provide effective solutions before they become problematic. If required, we can also provide friendly reminders at any given interval(s).


Back Office and Virtual Receptionist
Support-Setup provides back office services that will save your business money while increasing productivity. The scope of back office services we support include core operations, sales, customer support, accounting, IT or HR functions, and many more. Our back office services go way further, offering data-driven insights that will help you improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce overall contact volume. Many established brands trust us to manage their back offices with solutions that are made to complement existing processes. Support-Setup understands complex business security protocols and strictly adheres to privacy and regulatory requirements.

Back Office solutions primarily include:

  • Document handling/processing
  • Payment handling/processing
  • Data capture
  • Document imaging and workflow management
  • Claims processing and adjudication
  • Data storage and secure destruction
  • Performance management and reporting

Support-Setup also provides virtual receptionist services available 24X7. Our specialists will represent your brand exactly in your image and liking. Agents can handle simple to complex customer interactions positively, effectively and within your guidelines. Part of their duties may also include ways to generate additional income through up selling and cross selling. Our virtual reception services will be the crutch you can rely on for customer support and other administrative tasks essential for your business. Call us today to see how we can help out with your business needs and goals.

Data Management is one of the most crucial processes for any business. With the proper use of data, businesses can identify problematic areas and focus on solutions. Since it is time consuming and requires extreme accuracy, it is often the area where most initial mistakes can occur. Enter our BPO company, Support-Setup, to prevent and correct issues at the source before they become an inconvenience. With our team of data analyst experts, data processors and data entry specialists, we are able to offer error-free data management services on any scale. Save significant amounts of time and money by outsourcing all your data management requirements to us. Support-Setup follows stringent data protection rules to protect data misuse, theft and hacking. Our data management services are PCI Compliant and conform to PIPEDA standards. Call us today to see how we can save your business time and money.

Support-Setup features a seamless business model that makes it easy for companies of any size to establish a personalised data entry operation. Our network of data entry specialists will ensure the accuracy that you require to make any project a success. Whether you wish to start in a shared environment or prefer dedicated office space, Support-Setup can assist all businesses from small to large scale. Your data entry support team is recruited by us as per your exact specifications and you make the final hiring decision just as you would with your internal operations. Your team will be trained by fellow industry specialists that adhere to all your instructions and requirements. Allowing our team to help you with data management operations will allow your company to focus on other aspects of the business.

Support-Setup offers both manual and automated data processing services. Any given business will generate data, be it of other businesses or consumers. The generated data needs to be processed to extract findings, trends and other important business information. Such gathered data needs to be processed and analysed to improve business sales and productivity. Data plays a pivotal role in the success of a business, especially in this online era. Support-Setup helps business around the globe with data processing services in a multitude of languages.

Support-Setup provides data verification services in which gathered data is verified for quality controls and authenticity. When you choose our data verification services, we can adapt any quality check parameters. During the data verification process, data extraction methods like random sampling or audits can be performed to magnify and better understand data. Support-Setup employs the latest Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) techniques to extract pertinent data to help your business thrive.

Support-Setup provides a wide range of data analysis and conversion services. Data conversion will simplify any given data to a specific format to make full sense of it. Data can be converted from a variety of formats, including hand written content, audio content, video content, images, printed material, and so forth. Our services offer the latest technology in data conversion for speed and accuracy. Data analysis is a multi faceted task primarily involving four major points: mining, cleansing, validating and modelling. Support-Setup data analysis services are critical in designing and restructuring business plans, mitigating risks, marketing the right solutions, and other decision making steps. The need for data analysis is essential for all business decisions and our proven techniques of dissecting data will keep your business prospering.

Very few businesses can survive in today’s technological world without an online web presence. Support-Setup utilizes all the latest technology solutions available to propel your business to the forefront. Most customers nowadays prefer to make purchases online because of convenience and selection. Our highly skilled technical professionals will provide the most advanced and complete web services for your business. Whether you need designing, hosting, maintenance and/or marketing, Support-Setup has all the solutions you require at the best prices. Call us today to see how we can assist your business with all online goals and objectives.

Website Design and Maintenance
Support-Setup web services can deliver your business a stunning new website or professionally redesign an existing one. Expert web designers will work closely with your business to understand online objectives and produce a custom easy to navigate website. Our graphic designers are trained in the latest softwares including Adobe products, WordPress, Dreamweaver, HTML5/C++ and more. We understand that most customers nowadays will attribute first impressions of a business directly to their website. Not only must the website be attractive, it must accommodate customers that are willing to make online purchases through means of a e-commerce-shopping cart option. Since online purchases account for a significant amount of business revenue, we recommended to offer additional options and savings for online customers as further enticement. Support-Setup will ensure the highest standards are met for your online business goals from website and logo design to branding and marketing.

Some advantages of our web design services include:

  • User Friendly Website with Easy Navigation
  • Unique and Attractive Website
  • Minimal Loading Time
  • SEO Web Design – search engine friendly
  • E-Commerce Functionality – Shopping Cart

SEO and PPC Services
Support-Setup offers both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) services. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective and powerful way to reach your potential clients. These marketing processes help customers connect with your business through different online platforms. Both these marketing options will generate good results, however it is constantly becoming a more tedious and complicated task to complete. The reason our marketing services continually produce favourable results is due to our extensive experience in understanding and adapting to ever changing search engine algorithms. What used to be a game of finding the right keywords is now a complex process involving multiple areas of expertise, some which include:

Keyword Research
The foundation of a great SEO campaign starts by identifying the most effective keywords. This process is about gaining insight into your consumers’ questions and concerns

Competitive Analysis
There are a lot of companies competing for the same keywords. We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities for your continued online growth.

Link Building
Links from established and high-quality sites drive relevant traffic to your site and build authority in Google, Bing and other relevant search engines.

Regular website and blog posts
Content is king in today’s world and a positive user experience will keep online customers interested. Having relevant and up to date content will contribute to an optimized experience for users and rank well with search engines.

Accurate surveys are essential to understand feedback towards a brands products, services or particular experience. Not every customer takes the time to file a complaint or write a negative review if they are unhappy with their experience. More so, customers typically opt out surveys or results may be inaccurate due to the timing of the actual survey. Support-Setup understands the need to provide businesses with truthful feedback from proven survey techniques while making sure the customer is not inconvenienced. With the amount of competition in today’s marketplace, second chances are hard to come by and customers may not be so forgiving. Our services will help to quickly identify areas of a business that may be or become problematic as well as conclude other areas where resources are best served. Our well presented survey services will show customers you care about them and are grateful for their purchase. This will in turn lead to an increased chance of having a repeat customer purchase and maintain positive brand awareness.

Support-Setup market research services will help your business collect vital information regarding the marketplace you operate in. Research is based primarily on competitors in your segment, purchase particulars, demographics and usage situations. Our services offer the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative market research all with an unbiased perspective. Experts in the field will keep you updated on market developments and upcoming trends to keep your business ahead of the curve. Accurate market research will enable your business to make important operating decisions and plan for the future. Stop the guessing game and call us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

Support-Setup provides in depth consulting and revenue generation services that will keep your business prospering. Acquire, strengthen and grow your customer relationships using sophisticated and proven strategies. There are two main tiers we use in our approach, the first is customer acquisition and retention, where we use predictive modeling, analytics and contact strategies. The secondary is process improvements that will foster brand loyalty, new purchases, upgrades and renewals. Our services include multi channel outreach campaigns that help your business acquire new customers, sell additional products or services and retain existing customers. In this digital age, businesses need constant innovation and ingenuity to maintain their competitive edge. We offer a wide range of technology and business processes that will enhance your customer experiences, drive operational performance and reduce costs simultaneously. Support-Setup services has been a trusted business consulting partner and advisor to a plethora of successful organizations around the world. Call us today to see how we can help improve your businesses bottom line.

Support-Setup understands that financials and billing are key functions of any business. Selecting our services to handle your financial and billing responsibilities will save on operational costs and capital expenditure without compromising on confidentiality and security. In the financial services sector, a clients’ trust is the most valuable asset and we ensure the highest level of service across all lines. We provide flexible and reliable financial services which are fully transparent and compliant with all regulation. Our team of experts can provide a multitude of financial and billing solutions that will save your business time and money.

Our collection services are designed to amass the highest amount of outstanding payments on behalf of your business without rupturing any relationship. Support-Setup specialises in walking this fine line with a tailored strategy refined from experiences over decades. When clients have outstanding debt owed, not only does your business suffer from revenue loss, but you also incur collection costs and other associated charges. Our collection rates are amongst the highest in the industry and we utilize the most innovated methods to communicate messages effectively. Support-Setup collection services can provide ongoing reports that will keep the client up to date until there is a satisfied result. Call us today to discuss how we can help out with your financial and billing needs.

Support-Setup has developed successful result-based solutions tailored to the specific goals of your fundraising campaign. Since our inception, fundraising has been a core value to the services we offer. We are continually refining and improving our fundraising approaches to produce higher engagement and loyalty. We understand that fundraising is about more than a simple donation, it’s about developing lasting relationships that yield a lifetime value. We have forged strong relationships with some of the most reputable non profit organizations across the world by delivering premium end to end services. Our successful campaigns are achieved through delivering professional services in an ethical and cost-effective manner. We are equipped to handle any size project through a variety of mediums suitable for your target group. Let our fundraising experts assist with building your operations by drawing in fresh support and funding. Call us today to discuss how we can help out your cause.